Science + Engineering

Solar Prep scholars have opportunities each day to go beyond the basic curriculum and engage in performance-based learning. Instructional components include Project Lead the Way an engineering curriculum with a Design Thinking element, computer programming and robotics, a Makerspace, and arts integration.

These experiences will merge in a daily STEAM learning block facilitated by homeroom teachers. Scholars’ exposure to STEAM-related content is not limited to the daily STEAM block but incorporated throughout the school day through connections in literature and writing, using art to express math concepts in non-verbal ways, and dramatization to support and extend reading comprehension, for example.

Music + Theater

Not only are elements of theater and drama integrated as instructional tools in reading and math, scholars also attend a stand-alone music/theater class three times weekly during specials rotations. Our vision is to have a stand-out theater program that integrates performing arts with elements of engineering and SEL through set and lighting design, data analysis, budgeting and live performances.

Tech + Coding

Exposing  scholars to coding and robotics at a young age  will not only allow them opportunities to engage in design and problem solving, but stimulate interest in  STEM subjects.  Homeroom teachers will lead lessons each week. These lessons are mostly “unplugged” hands-on lessons that teach the foundation of computer programming and connect to the math concepts girls are learning in their classrooms.

Makerspace + Art

The Solar Prep Makerspace inspires scholars to become participatory learners; discover their talents, needs, and interests; and to endlessly make, create, and solve. The Makerspace, led by a certified art teacher, provides activities and design challenges. This space allows girls to exercise choice by choosing which activities to engage in, and practice leadership skills by advocating for their project preference.

Girl Scouts STEM Partnership

Through a unique partnership between Solar Prep and Girls Scouts of Northeast Texas, all girls at Solar Prep have the opportunity to be a member of Girl Scouts at no cost to families. Girl Scouts club time occurs during the school day. Every two weeks, girls engage in Girl Scouts SEL and STEM curriculum. Solar Prep also has priority access to the Girl Scouts STEM Center of Excellence in south Dallas, where girls can camp overnight and participate in activities such as archery, horseback riding, and a ropes course.