Solar Six

I ask questions and have a strong desire to learn and discover new things.

I reflect on my strengths and limitations and possess a sense of confidence and optimism.

I listen and seek to understand the feelings of another.

I act in a way that reflects a spirit of inclusion and respect for others.

I nurture abilities in myself and others in order to make a positive impact on my school and community.

I bounce back after failure and persist in the face of obstacles.

Our Vision

Our vision is to prepare girls for success in a challenging, nurturing, and inclusive performance-based learning environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be an inclusive school community empowering girls to live and lead with confidence and purpose. We will propel girls to be trailblazers in STEAM-related fields and carry with them a depth of knowledge, capacity for leadership, strength of character, and awareness of self.

Student success means each girl has the academic skill-sets and social-emotional tools to excel. Solar Prep will provide strong STEAM instruction through blended learning, performance-based learning, tech literacy and coding, engineering, robotics, art and drama.